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In order to cover the cost of keeping HT running, we will be moving to a subscription based service for all future magazine editions from  the 1st August 2022

Issue 21 - April 2023 - Myths & Legends
Myths & Legends
Wendy J Dunn Circle 2.png

WENDY J DUNN, the award-winning author of "A Duty of Daughters" and "All Manner of Things" (plus more), discovers COWSLIPS IN THE MORN

Elyse Hoffman Circle 2.png

ELYSE HOFFMAN, author of WWII historicals ("The Book of Uriel", etc.) takes a look an editorial look at how fantasy enhances historical fiction.

Cathie Dunn Circle 2.png

Host of The Coffee Pot Book Club, CATHIE DUNN, and author of "Ascent" (plus more), delves into the history of Carcasonne and the pig who duped Charlemagne.

Juliane Weber Circle 2.png

Scientist turned historical author, JULIANE WEBER,  of Irish Fortune Series (Under the Emerald Sky, etc.), examines the legends of the Emerald Isle.

Juliette Godot Circle 2.png

JULIETTE GODOT, histoircal author of "From the Drop of Heaven", takes a look at the Wild Ride of the Hellequin.

April 2023 Cover.png

Plus so much more...

Releasing April 1st
Zenobia Neil Circle 2.png
Fil Reid Circle 2.png

FIL REID, a time travel historical author obsessed with horses and King Arthur, and author of the "Guinevere" series, explores the legend of King Arthur.

Named after an ancient warrior queen and author of "Psyche Unbound", "Ariadne Unraveled", plus others, ZENOBIA NEIL

reveals the joys of mythical retelling!

Cassandra Clark Circle 2.png
David Fitzgerald Circle 2.png
DK Marley Circle 2.png

Adirondack-46er, DAVID FITZ-GERALD, award-winning author of the historical fantasy Adirondack Spirit Series, explores the myths of the Iroquois Indians of New York.

Tim Walker Circle 2.png

Award-winning script writer for movies, television, and theatre, CASSANDRA CLARK, author of the Hildegard of Meaux historical mysteries looks at the prophecy of the six kings.

Dual timeline historical author, TIM WALKER, of "Arthur: Rex Britonnum"plus others, digs into the real life of King Arthur.

CEO of The Historical Fiction Company and Historical Times, and author of "Blood and Ink" and "Kingfisher", finds a WWI connection to the knights of the round table.